6 Ways to Protect Your Home in a Lawsuit

Not all creditors are bill collectors. If someone obtains a judgment against you, as the result of a lawsuit, your assets will also be at risk. So, if you are wondering, "how can I protect my assets from lawsuits," asset protection planning is the way. Which of my assets are at risk?

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9 ways to protect your home from burglary. Kamil Skawinski. December 16, 2009 in Smart Money. 1 of 11. Begin slideshow . 9 ways to prevent home burglary.

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(But don’t stop there – verify independently that the information is up-to-date for your state!) 4. Protect Your Home (and other property) from Lawsuits and Judgments. Homestead Exemptions. Some states provide a lot of protection to home equity, which means that courts cannot award your home equity to creditors in the case of bankruptcy. In states such as Texas and Florida, state law protects an unlimited amount of home equity.

Protect assets from creditors, lawsuits. Otherwise, it’s ruled fraudulent conveyance to defraud creditors." For example, if you don’t already have coverage and someone trips and falls at your garage sale, it won’t help you to buy an umbrella policy the next day in case you get sued.

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You need someone who is familiar with the law and landlords’ tricks to win your case. When your home is on the line, it is money well-spent. 6. Contact Brasch Legal. Brasch Legal has over 20 years of landlord-tenant and leasing law experience, including rent-stabilized leases and building code violations.

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