Canadian Mortgage Payments Top $91 Billion, Over Half Goes To Interest – Ellie Pourian

The total loan amount in January was 91.4 billion yuan ($13.61 billion), down 55.1 percent year-on-year and down 1.3 percent from the previous month. Further consolidation of industry players is certain. Some experts quoted in media reports predict that the scale of future online loans will continue to shrink because of regulation.

Boehner suggested $800 billion in new revenues over 10 years " less than Obama wanted " in exchange for widespread spending cuts, including curbs on Medicare and Social Security.. If you don’t pay your mortgage, the bank can foreclose on your home, but no one can.

Adding to the balance of your mortgage means you are paying interest on that new portion for the entire life of the mortgage. A car loan is typically 6 years max. If you add to your mortgage and also stretch the total length of mortgage back out to 20-25 years you are then paying interest on the new chunk for 20-25 years.

When Interest Rates Inevitably Rise. In a new report on "household indebtedness and financial vulnerability," the Parliamentary Budget Office ("PBO") has provided calculations on how increased interest rates would affect debt service costs for Canadian consumers. The PBO report assumes that the effective mortgage interest rate would rise from 2.9% as of Q1-2017 to 4.8% by the end of.

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Quebec taxpayers must pay $14.8 billion for federal and provincial debt interest; more than what the province spends on K-12 education ($12.9 billion). In British Columbia, interest payments for both provincial and federal debt amount to $5.6 billion, more than double what the province collects in Medical Services Premiums ($2.6 billion).

Half (52%) said they lessened variable expenses such as entertainment, coffee or lunch money, while 43% said that following a budget was the key in improving their financial situation. Another 28% found ways to reduce their fixed expenses such as rent, mortgage payments or car payments.

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I spent half of 2013 unemployed, I understand what she is going through. And I know what I was prepared to do if things didn’t change. And even though I am happily employed now the income gap while I wasn’t meant I had to stop making mortgage payments on my house and put it up for sale, knowing I won’t get enough out of it to break even.

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