Negotiating a Home Sale Using The Power of Relationships

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The concept of parity in power is important in any relationship, since in negotiation parity of power is the perception, by one party, that the other side possesses the ability to counter any form of power with a similar or different form of power that would render the further escalation of power useless.

Even if you go into a negotiation with a client knowing you can reduce the final project cost by 20%, attempt to negotiate a higher price or negotiate a change in timeline as well as a price cut. Give yourself a goal. 4) Play to the client’s emotions. People, for the most part, buy based on emotions.

It is clear that the mutual creation of a relationship between two negotiating parties, offers a broader range of partnership possibilities and at a more productive level. The opposite would occur, when one or both of the parties is less interested in forging a relationship and seeks to simply gain as much value as possible.

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Negotiation in relationships: 7 concrete things you can do When I think of the word "negotiation", I imagine two businessmen sitting across a table with big stacks of money, haggling over the price of something and pushing piles of bills back and forth.

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Power Relationships and Negotiation Paul W. Barada, Monster Salary and Negotiation Expert One of the most interesting, and often the most overlooked, dynamics in the negotiation process is the power relationship that exists between the negotiating parties.

How to Prepare to Negotiate Your Home Sale. There are steps you can take to help address some common buyer negotiating tactics. Much of it boils down to being prepared. Get your home in first class condition so the buyer cannot bring-up any significant objections. A home warranty goes a long way to overcoming these objections.

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"I tell my clients, you’re hiring us to negotiate. of the final sales price. There are ways to avoid paying a full commission. Most notably, the website Redfin offers real estate agents’ services.