The God of Chimneys, a poem written by T. L. Murphy at

arguments with poetry, fractal, incomprehensible, knots, marzipan, meaning, obscure poetry, Poetry, starry starry night, stream of consciousness The God of Chimneys Published at Spillwords Press, The God of Chimneys

and the Chimneys, filled to the brim with soot and mold As the life of a sweeper is about to unfold I wake up, tried, and dirty, but I’m all dressed and my shoes are laced Alas the master wasn’t phased all he did was held me and spoke to me with his voice raised. "Please don’t make make me go in there", I had plead.

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Smoke from the chimney against a gray sky, Wherever you’re going, thither go I. The heart of a youth will forever repeat The natural longing of youth’s itchy feet. Smoke from the chimney, what lands you traverse, Sailing out over all countries of earth. Smoke from the chimney, I sit with fixed eye.

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Songs of Innocence and Experience. Other characters are the chimney sweeper’s parents, God, God’s priest and the King. And all these characters seem to think that they have done no harm to the chimney sweeper just because he appears happy. This is a critique of the church and state institutions.

The God of Chimneys, a poem written by T. L. Murphy at Eric Walter White: An Inventory of His Papers at the Harry. – White’s numerous poems and his poetry collections beginnings, The Room and Other Poems, A Tarot Deal, and the unpublished Poems: After The Room, are present, as are reviews, lectures, essays, liner notes, program notes, and reference entries, including his contributions to The Annual Register.

The poems were well written and wer Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney is a book of poetry that is intended for primary readers. This book is composed of twenty different poems that all deal with different events around Christmas time. For instance there is a poem about shopping at the mall as well as a poem for a snow day.