The Ultimate Aging in Place Checklist

National Association of Home Builders. A trade association for the home construction industry, the NAHB administers the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) program and its website contains consumer-oriented homeownership and home remodeling information.

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The month of June is recognized as National Home Safety Month. Take a few minutes along with millions of other adult children caring for their senior parents, and go through this checklist in their (or your) homes. This list covers many things that may be dangerous for elderly people aging in place.

Or, the bathroom can be remodeled for a complete aging in place overhaul. Take action with an aging in place plan. This is just a brief tour to show some of the key home safety hazards. Your aging in place checklist should include key issues like medication management, handling personal hygiene and daily tasks.

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An Aging in Place Checklist Now that we understand the challenges and the importance of aging in place, it’s time to fully understand what it takes to age in place the right way. Save this checklist for future reference, and enjoy your favorite space as you continue to age in place and in comfort.

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The ultimate downsizing home Checklist: Helping Older Adults Downsize. As you look around your own home or your parents’ home, you may begin to realize that sometimes we simply have too much "stuff" and often too much space to handle, especially as we grow older.