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If you’re considering a home purchase in the near future, brush up on your mortgage knowledge. Learn what to do before applying for a mortgage, what to watch for during the process, and how to use a mortgage after you’ve bought your home.

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8 minute read There’s an easy way to lower your monthly mortgage payment, just refinance your loan. But, if you have bad credit, refinancing your mortgage may not be an option. So how do you lower your mortgage payment without refinancing? Well you have to get creative. In this article were going to explore all the ways you [.]

What should they do? If you. hold your horses. As recently as 2016 mortgages were offered at rates as low 0.99% – a significant saving over the 1.3% to 1.7% best buys available this week. The other.

Match a payment is when you can do a second payment on the mortgage on top of the original payment. So if your mortgage payment is $800 you can do another $800 for a total of $1600 every payment. Some banks offer this, and ours did and we took full advantage of it. For nearly 3 years we paid twice the amount on our mortgage every two weeks.

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What to do if you are retrenched 25 september 2015. times are tough, and many companies are retrenching people as they cannot afford to keep them on. "Retrenchment can happen when you least expect it, and this can have a big impact on your financial situation.

If you’re having trouble paying your loan or mortgage, contact them to find out how they can help. If they don’t agree to a reasonable request, you can ask to have the decision reviewed. You can do this through the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Credit and Investments Ombudsman .

When you’re looking to prequalify for a mortgage and the majority of your income is as a 1099 independent contractor, lenders will evaluate your earnings differently than they do W-2 income from.

If you want to remove a name from a joint mortgage loan, whether it is your name or the name of your co-borrower, it is possible to do so without refinancing. This situation might. Here’s what to do about your mortgage if you get retrenched. 1) Get help in restructuring your debt – HDB is more forgiving than the banks.