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Giving the passionate people of the credit union movement not only a platform, but an audience to get ideas out and spark the discussion," said Smith, who lives in Greenville, S.C. "Bringing.

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 · The “why” behind it is determined by the employees telling the story, guiding members to see how your credit union improves their lives. Members aren’t just buying your marketing pieces, great promotional rates, or the products behind them; they’re buying a trusted relationship and the idea that the people at your credit union are.

Of course, if you are in the credit union industry, where your members are your No. 1 priority, you already know this and model a consumer-first standard very well. In fact, I believe that anytime your customers (or members) come first, you will find success and a sustainable business model for years to come.

And because credit unions are also focused on your geographic region, workplace, or other aspect of your community or life, they offer personally tailored service that recognizes that you are an individual, not an account number. And remember, credit union profits come right back to the members in the form of dividends and higher returns on.

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The same is true for credit unions, if you want to build your brand and increase your membership, investing in innovative marketing is the most direct path to do so. Image courtesy of: Vox Unfortunately, this is the opposite approach of that taken by most credit unions, who often view marketing as a dirty word.

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Leading the sludge slaughter is Marketing’s job. If you’re a credit union marketer, you’re also responsible for your credit union’s brand. And being a good brand steward means going to bat for your members. Point out sludge where you see it. Ask “why” when you see something sludgy. Search engine optimization and your credit union website’s own search feature are more related than not, says Caroline Platkiewicz, marketing campaign manager for Silvercloud, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “Credit unions should work toward optimizing on-site search capabilities to enhance their use.